The final aim of a project is to change something, thus, project management is all about managing change. And change is hard and chaotic. Making the most of her training in information management and her professional experience in academic projects, ACPN is specialised in developing new working systems that are efficient and tailored to the situation in question, hence organising the chaos. She follows the guidelines of the Project Management Body of Knowledge written by the Project Management Institute (read “Information in Project Management” for detailed information).


  • Ocean Alive 45762-200 as Project Manager [part-time]. Managing the EEA Grants project “Boosting Blue Forests Education and Capacity Building” (19/10/2021 – 31/01/2024) and planning and managing the implementation of an internal change management and organizational restructuring project.

  • Centre of Physics and Technological Research @ Nova University of Lisbon 45762-200 as Project Manager Assistant. Assisting the researchers with the procedures related to national and international projects and undergoing an office restructuring. Read more here.

  • Portuguese Canoe Federation as International Relations Coordinator 45762-200. Member of the Host Organisation Committee for the Canoe Sprint & Paracanoe World Championships 2018 + Canoe Marathon World Championships 2018 – responsible for the area related to the Liaison and Support to National Teams and International Referees and coordinator of Info Point at venues, transforming a volunteer information desk into a professional-like information centre. Read more here.
  • 2016-2018: Staff member welcoming National Teams at the airport and working at Info Point at the venue @ international events organised by the Federação Portuguese de Canoagem
    2013: Volunteer @ Setubal 2016 – European City of Sports (Received an award as one of the most active volunteers)


  • Polytechnic University of Setubal 45762-200 as Project and International Officer. Worked in Project Offices, assisting researchers with administrative work, and in International Relations Offices, managing mobility exchange programmes and grants, like Erasmus, as part of a team. During this time, a major change management project occurred, transforming five independent operations into one streamline institutional office.

    “During the year she worked here, she has performed her duties in a very efficient, professional way, always finding solutions to the most challenging problems and collaborating with researchers and internal services. I am pleased to assure you that she accomplished successfully all the tasks assigned to her in an irreproachable, punctual and proactive way, anticipating unforeseen situations. She is a rather hard worker. She has continuously shown an excellent sense of responsibility and team spirit. She has also demonstrated her abilities to develop productive relationships and to reach common understandings, serving herself as a very useful bridge between research groups, enabling an efficient and transparent management.” Professor Dawei Liang (Lead Researcher in the Centre of Physics and Technological Research @ Nova University of Lisbon

    “During the last year I gained very positive impression on the capabilities of Ana Catarina to handle very different tasks. She is efficient, independent, confidential, motivated and hard worker, with impressive knowledge of English (being essential for our collaboration since I am a foreigner), high level of background in information and always able to overcome difficulties that typically appear in the administration. When tasks are given to Ana, we can be sure that they will be accomplished in most of the cases without further intervention from our side. I would also like to stress another ability of Ana Catarina that I am particularly fond of: there is no need to tell her things twice.
    I see Ana Catarina as a kind person, communicative, with a sense of humour and broad interests. All this becomes particularly visible in everyday communication and informal chats that are so important for team building.” Professor Nenad Bundaleski (Lead Researcher in the Centre of Physics and Technological Research @ Nova University of Lisbon


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    For professional reasons, ACPN gathered some useful information about the EU Funding. The following information is focused on two main EU programmes: Horizon Europe and Erasmus +. You can also find information about specific topics:

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