Greenland Crime | Crimes na Gronelândia

BOOK 3: We Shall Be Monsters | Seremos Monstros

Following the events of “The Greenland Trilogy”, Constable David Maratse was forced to retire earlier than expected. He chose to move to the other side of Greenland looking to spend his retirement hunting and fishing. It was not so, as Book 1 and Book 2 of this series told us. Besides being asked to further investigate some crimes in his new place of residence, Maratse falls in love with Petra “Piitalaat” Jensen. However, she disappears and later they found that she might have taken her own life. Did she? And where is Maratse going? And who is that person on the online video? Many questions need to be answered as this dark story unfolds. Suspense and action follow all characters until the end and the end may have severe consequences for the survivors.

Buy it in English 45762-200 or in Portuguese 45762-200 – available in eBook only.

Translation of BOOK 4: INSIDE THE BEAR’S CAGE scheduled for summer 2023.

In Portugal,
BOOK 1: SEVEN GRAVES, ONE WINTER | UM INVERNO, SETE SEPULTURAS was translated by Vasco Teles de Menezes and published by Quetzal, and
BOOK 2: BLOOD FLOE | À FLOR DAS ÁGUAS was translated by Lucília Filipe and published by Quetzal.