Projects: good examples



  • Online Communication Training Cycle 45762-200 | How to communicate your project – training course
  • 45762-200 | Data about European projects and where you can also find partners
  • Science Crunchers 45762-200 | Transforming science jargon into “regular” language


  • Spanning Boundaries 45762-200 | Project that aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry, co-funded by EU Erasmus +


  • Interreg Euro-MED 45762-200 | Funding programme that aims to improve the cooperation between countries at the north of the Mediterranean
  • Mossy Earth 45762-200 | Partnerships that aim to replant native plants in the wilderness and support wildlife and biodiversity
  • Project Seagrass 45762-200 | Project that aims to safeguard seagrass – see what they do and why is important 45762-200
  • REALM – Reusing Effluents from Agriculture to unLock the potential of Microalgae 45762-200 | Project that aims to use the drainage waters from agriculture to produce microalgae, funded by EU H2020
  • SCORE – Smart Control of the Climate Resilience in European Coastal Cities 45762-200 | Project that aims to find solutions to tackle climate change in European coastal cities, funded by EU H2020


  • Cochrane 45762-200 | Network of health care professionals to systematic review research


  • +ATLANTIC CoLAB 45762-200 | Research Laboratory that aims to provide services and products to marine-related organisations
  • Blue Action Fund 45762-200 | Funding programme that aims to improve the conservation of coastal and marine ecosystems in Africa, Latin America and Asia/Pacific
  • Delasmop 45762-200 | Project that aims to safeguard elasmobranch (sharks, rays, skates, and sawfish) from fishery activities by creating procedures and raise awareness of stakeholders
  • Flying Sharks 45762-200 | Services that aim to transport live marine animals to research and education institutions all over the world in a sustainable way
  • GreenCoLab 45762-200 | Research platform on algal biotechnology bridging the gap with industry
  • Mission Atlantic 45762-200 | Project that aims to study the Atlantic Ocean for providing sound foundations to future decisions on climate change, funded by EU H2020
  • Ocean Cleanup 45762-200 | Project that aims to eliminate 90% of plastic in the ocean until 2040 by developing capable technology


  • Conscious Travel 45762-200 | Project that aims to make tourism sustainable through local communities


  • QLab Think Tank 45762-200 | Start-up that aims to find new and innovative solutions for better living in cities

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