Sussex Crimes and Mysteries | Mistérios e Crimes em Sussex

BOOK 1: The Tapestry Bag | O Saco de Viagem

Joel has died and Zara, his girlfriend, is devastated. Janie Juke, her dear friend, takes Zara to stay with her and her husband. Janie has recently married Greg and has recently got a job in a library van. Although happy and starting a new life, she is devoted to her grieving friend. A year passed and Zara goes missing to never be seen or heard about again. What happened to Zara? Was Zara and Joel happiness real? And is Zara the person that Janie thinks she is? Nothing is what it seems and Janie uses all her detective skills, which she has learnt from Agatha Christie’s books, to find Zara and figured what really happened to Joel. Written in quiet way, matching the quietness of Tamarisk Bay seaside town, the story unfolds with many twists and puzzles to solve.

Buy it in English 45762-200 or in Portuguese 45762-200 – available in eBook only.

Translation of BOOK 2: LOST PROPERTY is scheduled to be published in 2023.