Greenland Missing Persons | Pessoas Desaparecidas da Gronelândia

BOOK 1: The Boy with the Narwhal Tooth | O Rapaz com o Dente de Narval

A boy is missing and it is up to Petra Jensen to find him. She has just finished academy and her dream career is nothing like she thought it would be… until she answered that phone call. When she flies north to talk to the man on the phone she thinks she will be back on the same day… but no. She meets intriguing people who tell her stories that take her on a journey that could change her life. Will she find the boy? And what happened to him? And why is a narwhal tooth so important? Fans of Petra Jensen that were sad about what happened to her in “We Shall Be Monsters” will be happy to read about her cases back when she was just a constable starting her career, long before she met and fall in love with David Maratse. This was her first case in the Greenland Missing Persons desk… the first of many.

Buy it in English 45762-200 or in Portuguese 45762-200 – available in eBook only.

The story is also available in Danish 45762-200, in French 45762-200 and in Polish 45762-200. It was studied as part of an English curriculum at the University of North Georgia, USA.

Translation of BOOK 2: THE GIRL WITH THE RAVEN TONGUE is scheduled to be published in 2023.