Greenland Crime | Crimes na Gronelândia

BOOK 4: Inside the Bear’s Cage | Na Jaula do Urso

In the previous book, Constable David Maratse found Petra “Piitalaat” Jensen against all odds, but at a considerable high price that he now has to pay. Suffering, which should have ended, will be endured by a painful and forced separation. In the meantime, politics are shaking partly due to the organized crime in Greenland. How is this related? And what Maratse has to do with this? And what is going happen with Petra after what has happened to her? What began as a quiet retirement for hunting and fishing is becoming a chronicle of the dwellers of this little settlement in Greenland, whose adventures can cross paths with the high stakes of politics.

The Portuguese version will be available this summer. You can buy the English version here 45762-200.

Translation of BOOK 3: WE SHALL BE MONSTERS available.

In Portugal,
BOOK 1: SEVEN GRAVES, ONE WINTER | UM INVERNO, SETE SEPULTURAS was translated by Vasco Teles de Menezes and published by Quetzal, and
BOOK 2: BLOOD FLOE | À FLOR DAS ÁGUAS was translated by Lucília Filipe and published by Quetzal.