Greenland for the braves

Written in October 2022

After living seven years in Greenland, and fall in love with the country and the people, author Christopher Petersen 45762-200 imagined an entire world to write his stories, divided into different series. Fenna Brongaard, from “The Greenland Trilogy”, David Maratse, from the “Greenland Crime” series, and Petra Jensen, from “Greenland Missing Persons” series, are some of the characters who live their adventures in Greenland.

For those who are completely ignorant about how to travel to Greenland, you would be surprised to know that it is rather easy, considering that this is usually seen as an adventure destination. You can fly there or you can take a cruise. Once there, if you are willing to plan your own trip, be aware that there are no roads connecting the cities between themselves. Therefore, you have to travel by (small) plane, helicopter or boat. As alternative, you can hike or travel by dog sledge. Be aware that you need information about weather conditions before deciding when to do these expeditions.

You can get detailed information on the Visit Greenland website 45762-200. Also, check these videos:
How to get to Greenland 45762-200
Domestic Transportation in Greenland 45762-200
Where to go and what to do

Greenland is all about the experience. Watching the Northern Lights, dog sledging, kayaking between icebergs, diving among the whales, are just a few of the adventures you can enjoy. Check here the full list 45762-200. However, you need to carefully plan your trip, with plenty of time to spare. Weather can change at any time and your plans may have to be altered in accordance. You also have to buy good and adequate equipment, especially if you want to hike or dog sledge. Of course, if you are doing a cruise, you just need to worry about taking with you very warm clothes.

Most settlements are located in the south, just below the Arctic Circle, including the capital, Nuuk. Up in the North, on the East half of Greenland, you have the National Park of Northeast Greenland, which is the most inhospitable part of the country, only reserved for the military and scientific researchers. Therefore, your attention should be focus on the West coast. And if you want to follow the path of Christopher Petersen’s characters, here are the settlements to consider (from North to South): Qaanaaq, Upernavik, Uummannaq, Disko Island, Ilulissat.

Check the Frequently Asked Questions on the Visit Greenland website to better prepare your trip 45762-200.


Information about Greenland | Denmark:
Please note: Greenland is part of Denmark. Although independent in many aspects, some affairs, like foreign affairs, are ruled by Denmark.

Official name: Greenland | Kingdom of Denmark

Capital: Nuuk | Copenhagen

Official information about entering: in Denmark 45762-200 and also check specific information for Greenland 45762-200

Official Language: Greenlandic | Danish

Currency: Danish kroner (DKK) – Kr.

European Union: Greenland is not a member | Denmark is a member

Schengen Country? : Greenland is not | Denmark is

Type of Government: Greenland is a devolved government within a parliamentary constitutional monarchy | Denmark is a devolved unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy

Foreign embassies: in Greenland 45762-200 | in Copenhagen 45762-200

Emergency number: 112

Country Code: GL | DK

International Phone Code: +299 | +45