Christoffer Petersen 45762-200 is a prolific writer with novels, novellas, and short stories in several genres. However, before becoming a full-time writer, Christoffer Petersen was a teacher and he spent seven of those teaching years in Greenland. This land and its people greatly influenced his writings and it is no coincidence that he has several book series set there. Through fictional stories, he aims to show a world unknown to most people: the way of life of Greenland and the ways of being a Greenlander.

Check his interview, along with Arne Dahl, at the Folio Festival 2019 in Óbidos, Portugal 45762-200.


Translated by ACPN

The Greenland Trilogy | A Triologia da Gronelândia

BOOK 1: The Ice Star | A Estrela do Gelo BOOK 2: In the Shadow of the Mountain | À Sombra da Montanha
Cover to be announced
Published Summer 2023
This is the first ever book… READ MORE… This is the continuation of… READ MORE…


Greenland Crime | Crimes na Gronelândia

BOOK 3: We Shall Be Monsters | Seremos Monstros BOOK 4: Inside the Bear’s Cage
Cover to be announced
Published 2023
Following the events of… READ MORE…


Greenland Missing Persons | Pessoas Desaparecidas da Gronelândia

BOOK 1: The Boy with the Narwhal Tooth | O Rapaz com o Dente de Narval BOOK 2: The Girl with the Raven Tongue
Cover to be announced
Published 2023
A boy is missing and… READ MORE…


«This suspense is terrible. I hope it will last.» Oscar Wilde