Christoffer Petersen 45762-200 is a prolific writer with novels, novellas, and short stories in several genres. However, before becoming a full-time writer, Christoffer Petersen was a teacher and he spent seven of those teaching years in Greenland. This land and its people greatly influenced his writings and it is no coincidence that he has several book series set there. Through fictional stories, he aims to show a world unknown to most people: the way of life of Greenland and the ways of being a Greenlander.

Check his interview, along with Arne Dahl, at the Folio Festival 2019 in Óbidos, Portugal 45762-200.

At the moment, Book 3 of the “Greenland Crime” series 45762-200 is being translated by ACPN. “Seremos Monstros” [original title “We Shall Be Monsters45762-200] will be published in the autumn of 2022. Book 1, “Um Inverno, Sete Sepulturas45762-200 [original title “Seven Graves, One Winter45762-200], and Book 2, “À Flor das Águas45762-200 [original title “Blood Floe45762-200], were published in Portugal by Quetzal.


PUBLISHED, translated by ACPN

The Greenland Trilogy

This is the first ever book written by Christoffer Petersen and is Book 1 of “The Greenland Trilogy” series 45762-200. Fenna Brongaard is the first woman admitted in the SIRIUS patrol. They have a tough job: patrolling the ice with a sledge pulled by dogs. During several weeks, they have to camp on the ice under temperatures way below zero and progress sometimes through wild artic storms. Fenna Brongaard is on her first year in the patrol and is already tasked with a secret mission. But nothing is what it seems and she has to figure things out as she goes and everything is always changing. Will she survive? Can she uncover all that is hidden? And what is The Ice Star? As the story goes, readers feel they live the action beside Fenna Brongaard – and there is action in every page.

Read it in English 45762-200 or in Portuguese 45762-200.