NEWS! Archaeological Excavations in Algarve

ACPN was invited to visit the archaeological excavations taking place in Cacela-a-Velha, Algarve, Portugal, between 27 June and 15 July. The aim is to provide experience to university students and discover more about this once important harbour. With the beach as background, the students are busy continuing the work that was interrupted in 2019 due … Continue reading NEWS! Archaeological Excavations in Algarve

PROJECT: Endurance: the lost ship

Between 1897 and 1922 several expeditions to Antarctica were carried out. Ignorance combined with insufficient budget often resulted in a very deficient risk assessment and bad planning, leading to mission failing, men injuring (physically or mentally) or dying… or absolute glory. Endurance was a ship that took part in one of those expeditions. Initially built … Continue reading PROJECT: Endurance: the lost ship