Travelling is a never ending joyful activity. There is always something left to see and explore and the places we have already seen and explored can differ depending on the season and from one year to the next. Plus, taking a different route to get to a familiar place or getting lost can lead us to an amazing new world. However, it can be a nightmare to planning a trip whether the aim is to attend an international conference, to organise a scientific exploration or simply to enjoy a week vacation. Planning is paramount, with some flexibility and common sense.


  • A family tour through Romandy, the French Switzerland – take your family to visit Middle Earth.
  • A tour through the Scottish Highlands – ever wonder where the people who wear kilts live?
  • Fjällbacka, Sweden – the setting of Camilla Läckberg’s crime novels is a picturesque village on the Swedish West coast.
  • Greenland for the braves – fans of Christopher Petersen’s thriller books can live their own adventures in those sites.
  • Jane Austen’s England – 200 years after Jane Austen wrote her love stories, you can get to know their scenery.


  • 2023 | Egypt – discovering the Ancient Egypt on the spot.
  • 2019 | Oslo, Norway – following the historical traces of a city with about 1000 years of existence.
  • 2014 | Berlin, Germany – what is next for Berlin after the end of the Cold War?
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    « Those who plan do better than those who do not plan, even should they rarely stick to their plan.» Winston Churchill