People usually do not give much importance to translation and yet it is a pillar for today’s society. In a globalised world, where so many languages are spoken, how would you access to other people’s research, thinking, opinion, vision, culture, business, literary book, politics, … if it were not for those invisible individuals that provide you with the key to unlock such secrets?

ACPN is a freelance translator since 2013, with an academic specialisation in literary translation and a broad practical experience in academic translation (read more about ACPN academic path and professional experience here). Her main working languages are Portuguese (PT), her mother tongue, and English (EN), which she has a C2 level of proficiency. She also has knowledge of French (FR), Spanish (ES), and German (DE). As an academic translator, she follows the rules of Academic Writing. As a literary translator she is aware of the culture hidden in the written words.



ACPN is the Portuguese translator for the fictional authors Christoffer Petersen 45762-200 and Isabella Muir 45762-200. Please check the books translated by ACPN here:
Christoffer Petersen’s books
Isabella Muir’s books

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“Working with Ana Catarina has been a fun and exciting process. She brings a level of professionalism to her work that gives me great confidence in the project. At the same time, corresponding with Ana Catarina is relaxed and informative. Ana Catarina has translated two novels of mine already, and we are considering more titles in the future. I can’t recommend Ana Catarina highly enough. If you’re looking for a forward thinking translator for business and/or fiction projects, look no further.” Chris Paton

“Tenho trabalhado com a Ana Catarina Palmas Neves que tem prestado serviços de tradução e revisão de artigos científicos em inglês na área do urbanismo e planeamento e recomendo vivamente o seu trabalho.” [“I have worked with Ana Catarina Palma Neves, who has provided translation and review services for scientific articles in English in the field of urbanism and planning and I highly recommend her work.”] Cristina Cavaco



“O Saco de Viagem” [original title: “The Tapestry Bag”] by Isabella Muir 45762-200
Translated by Ana Catarina Palma Neves – check other books of the same author translated by ACPN

Literary translation: EN > PT


“Seremos Monstros” [original title: “We Will Be Monsters”] by Christoffer Petersen 45762-200
Translated by Ana Catarina Palma Neves – check other books of the same author translated by ACPN

Literary translation: EN > PT


“A Cidade pelo Ar | The City up in the Air” by Alessia Allegri (ed.) 45762-200 – Bilingual edition
Translated by Ana Catarina Palma Neves

Academic translation: PT-ES > EN and EN-ES > PT


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    «Inside or between languages, human communication equals translation.» George Steiner