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ACADEMIC TRANSLATION: Translation of all academic production such as books and book chapters, scientific articles, PhD theses, papers, presentations from PT-EN-FR-ES into EN-PT. ACPN follows the rules of Academic Writing. Click here to check ACPN relevant work in academic translation.

According to the book “Fundamentals of Translation”, by Sonia Colina, «revising is understood as checking the translation for adequacy to the source text». Thus, and following the the rules of Academic Writing, ACPN also provides revising services for academia for texts in PT and EN.


LITERARY TRANSLATION: Translation of fiction (for example novellas, short stories) from PT-EN-FR-ES into PT – please read “Literary Translation” for detailed information. ACPN also translates non-fiction from PT-EN-FR-ES into EN-PT.

In 2022, ACPN became the Portuguese translator for the authors Christoffer Petersen 45762-200 and Isabella Muir 45762-200. The first translated Christoffer Petersen’s book was published on 12 July 2022 and the second will be published in the autumn of 2022. The first translated Isabella Muir’s book will be published in the beginning of 2023.



“A Estrela do Gelo” [original title: “The Ice Star”] by Christoffer Petersen 45762-200
Translated by Ana Catarina Palma Neves

Literary translation: EN > PT


“A Cidade pelo Ar | The City up in the Air” by Alessia Allegri (ed.) 45762-200 – Bilingual edition
Translated by Ana Catarina Palma Neves

Academic translation: PT-ES > EN and EN-ES > PT


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