ACPN relevant work in project management

and international relations

The final aim of a project is to change something, thus, project management is all about managing change. And change is hard and chaotic. Making the most of her training in information management and her professional experience in academic projects, ACPN specialised in developing new working systems that are efficient and tailored to the situation in question, hence organising the chaos, following the guidelines of the Project Management Body of Knowledge written by the Project Management Institute.

  • Ocean Alive (NGO) 45762-200: as a project manager, managing the logistics for a EEA Grants project and planning and managing the implementation of a new organisational working system. (Soon you can read more here…)
    • NOVA University of Lisbon 45762-200 (Research Centre: Centre of Physics and Technological Research): As a project manager assistant, assisting the researchers with the procedures related to national and international projects and undergoing an office restructuring. Read more here…
      • Portuguese Canoe Federation 45762-200
        • Host Organisation Committee – International Relations Coordinator (Canoe Sprint & Paracanoe World Championships 2018 + Canoe Marathon World Championships 2018): Responsible for the area related to the Liaison and Support to National Teams and International Referees and coordinator of Info Point at venues, transforming a volunteer information desk into a professional-like information centre. Read more here…
          Staff member at international events: welcoming National Teams at the airport and working at Info Point at the venue
      • Volunteer at Setubal 2016 – European City of Sports (Received an award as one of the most active volunteers)
        • Classroom teacher of Programming, IT, and English to 6-10 year-old children in the public school system
          • Polytechnic University of Setubal 45762-200
            • Support Unit for Research and Development: As a project assistant, helping to implement this new office and providing support for Professors and Researchers in matters related to R&D.
              International Relations Office: As an international relations officer, being part of the team that implemented a streamline new institutional office converging 5 independent operations. Then, managing incoming and outgoing mobility processes, being the liaison with international partners, organising events and promotion campaigns, providing support to international projects.
              Project and Programme Support Office: As a project assistant, helping Professors and Researchers with administrative work.


            «Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.» Winston Churchill