ACPN relevant work in academic translation

FOR: Campos Costa Arquitetos | PT/ES/IT→EN/PT | Book chapters for the book “A Cidade pelo Ar – The City up in the Air” by Alessia Allegri (ed.)

FOR: Research Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design (CIAUD) | PT/ES→EN | Scientific articles

FOR: Portuguese Association of Historic Gardens (AJH) | PT→EN | Texts for the Catalogue of the Exhibition at the National Library of Portugal

FOR: Escola Superior de Dança, Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa (School of Dance, Polytechnic Institute Of Lisbon) | EN→Editing | “School objects and their contribution to dance education”, by João Fernandes [PhD thesis]

FOR: Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal (Polytechnic Institute of Setubal) | PT→EN | Contract of Provision of Services

FOR: Federação Portuguesa de Ciclismo (Portuguese Cycling Federation) | PT→EN | Tour of the Algarve Athletes’ Book and other official documentation

FOR: Universidade de Coimbra (University of Coimbra) | EN→Editing | “The swimmer’s book” and “The teacher’s / instructor book” [European project]

FOR: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) of East-Timor
EN→PT | “National policy on zero single-use plastic waste”
PT→EN | “Decree Law 2/2017 Of March 22: approves the management system of municipal solid waste”
EN→PT | “Request for proposal for consulting services”
EN→PT | “Invitation to bids (ITB): supply of office equipment and stationery East Timor National Parliament”
EN→PT | “Parliamentary development” [Leaflet]
EN→PT | “Parliaments as peace-building institutions: responding to the challenges of gender-based violence in West Africa” [Research Paper]
EN→PT | “Handbook on gender in parliament”

FOR: Edições Pedago (academic publishing house)
EN→PT | “Biography as Social History: Abolitionism, Colonialism and Racial Ideology in an Atlantic-Wide World”, by Roquinaldo Ferreira [article]
EN→PT | “Slave flights and runaway communities in Angola (17th-19th centuries)”, by Roquinaldo Ferreira [article]
EN→PT | “The conquest of Ambriz”, by Roquinaldo Ferreira [article]
EN→PT | “Transforming Atlantic Slaving: Trade, Warfare and Territorial Control in Angola, 1650-18002”, by Roquinaldo Ferreira [PhD thesis]
EN→PT | “In Town and Out of Town: A Social History of Huambo (Angola) 1902-1961”, by Maria Neto [PhD thesis]

FOR: Instituto da Educação, Universidade de Lisboa (Institute of Education, University of Lisbon)
PT→EN | Documents under the project “Education and Culture Atlas-Repertoire of Municipalities in Portugal (1820-1986)”
PT→EN | “Knowledge and policy configurations – an interpretative analysis drawing on sex education policies (Portugal, 1984-2009)”, by João Barroso, Luís Miguel Carvalho and Carla Cibele Figueiredo [Book]