ACPN_Projects is the professional website of the freelancer Ana Catarina Palma Neves (ACPN), especialised in Translation & Travel Projects. ACPN follows the guidelines of the Project Management Body of Knowledge written by the Project Management Institute (read “Information in Project Management” for detailed information).




In 2013, Ana Catarina Palma Neves (ACPN) became a freelance translator after living for one year in London, UK, and completing a Post-Graduation Degree in Translation from/into English, with a specialisation in Literary Translation. Before, during the eight years after completing the degree in Statistics and Information Management, she worked in Project and International Relations offices in a higher education institute. In the meantime, she completed her Master’s degree in Information Systems and Organization with a dissertation that aimed to analyse an information system in the 1960’s (before IT systems were available) of a sardine cannery factory in Portugal that was part of a French company. The dissertation was based on document analysis: an archive, which mainly consisted of letters exchanged between the two countries.

Due to this professional experience, academic translation was a natural path to follow [check here relevant work]. Then, in 2022, ACPN became the Portuguese translator for two fictional authors, starting her career as a freelance literary translator [follow this link for more information]. Besides extensive reading, travelling was crucial in developing essential cultural knowledge, which complements her technical knowledge. This is vital in translation in order to understand the original text correctly and to find the right wording for the translated version. Check here the ACPN trips around the world.

However, her professional life is not limited to translations. Making use of her knowledge in project management, in 2020 she consolidated her skills in this area by completing an online certificate in Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management and taking a traineeship as a research project officer at a Research Centre at another higher education institute.

ACPN was invited to be a member of the Host Organising Committee for the Canoe Sprint & Paracanoe World Championships 2018 and the Canoe Marathon World Championships 2018 as international relations coordinator due to her previous good work as a staff member in international canoeing events. Before, she had been a volunteer at Setubal 2016 – European City of Sport (FINA Marathon Swimming Olympic Games Qualification Tournament was the most important of these events), where she had received an award as one of the most actives volunteers.

Last, but not least, she is proud to have taught English, computer skills, and coding to children aged between 6 and 10 for about four years. It was very challenging and demanding, but highly rewarding to lead kids into their learnings and to get them excited about their findings. She was also appointed as a reference teacher for the pilot project aiming to introduce programming in primary education.


ACPN_Projects activities

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    For professional reasons, ACPN gathered some useful information about the EU Funding. The following information is focused on two main EU programmes: Horizon Europe and Erasmus +. You can also find information about specific topics:

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