ACPN_Projects is the professional website of the freelancer ACPN (check information about ACPN and her professional path here). It combines two main work areas: project management, as a work method, and translation, as a starting point for developing knowledge about language and culture. ACPN also enjoys travelling (check here her main travels throughout the world)

ACPN_Translations provides freelance services in the areas of academic and literary translation (click here for more information). ACPN completed a Post-Graduation in Translation from the University of Lisbon in 2013 and has been a freelance translator ever since.

Besides two university degrees in information management and a certificate in project management, ACPN has extended experience in project management and international relations in academia. Currently, ACPN follows the guidelines of the Project Management Body of Knowledge written by the Project Management Institute (read “Information in Project Management”] for detailed information).


In order to keep updated, ACPN carries out studies of different nature and writes articles, which are published in the section Journal, including the following:

  • How to choose the right chart?
  • How to analyse data?
  • How to search for information?
  • How to manage a project?

    Also check here the interesting projects ACPN has spotted on LinkedIn.


    For professional reasons, ACPN gathered some useful information about the EU Funding. The following information is focused on two main EU programmes: Horizon Europe and Erasmus +. You can also find information about specific topics:

  • Horizon 2020: General Statistics
  • European Education Area (EEA)
  • New European Bauhaus
  • The Gender Dimension
  • ‘Do No Significant Harm’
  • Open Access
  • Matching EU funding requirements

    «Data is not useful until it becomes information.» Seth Godin