The Greenland Trilogy | A Triologia da Gronelândia

BOOK 2: In the Shadow of the Mountain | À Sombra da Montanha

This is the continuation of Book 1: The Ice Star of “The Greenland Trilogy” series 45762-200 written by Christoffer Petersen. After the events of “The Ice Star”, Fenna Brongaard was forced to a career change. She is no longer a Sirius patroller, but the skills she acquired are useful for other purposes. Temporarily in Denmark, she will be sent to Greenland on a mission, but first she must do a training in the desert. How can a training in the desert help her with her mission on the ice? The operation will lead her to be betrayed, manipulated, deceived, beaten up, and undervalued. But she keeps on her track, focused on her assignment, and constantly improving her survival skills, one death at the time. The reader will follow Fenna in her actions, thoughts, and pains, while she solves each problem that goes her way time and again. Is everyone against her? Is she being set up? If so, by whom? All the answers will be revealed… only to find many other questions!

The Portuguese version will be available this summer. You can buy the English version here 45762-200.

Translation of BOOK 1: THE ICE STAR available
Translation of BOOK 3: THE SHAMAN’S HOUSE to be announced.