The Greenland Trilogy | A Triologia da Gronelândia

BOOK 1: The Ice Star | A Estrela do Gelo

This is the first ever book written by Christoffer Petersen and is Book 1 of “The Greenland Trilogy” series 45762-200. Fenna Brongaard is the first woman admitted in the SIRIUS patrol. They have a tough job: patrolling the ice with a sledge pulled by dogs. During several weeks, they have to camp on the ice under temperatures way below zero and progress sometimes through wild artic storms. Fenna Brongaard is on her first year in the patrol and is already tasked with a secret mission. But nothing is what it seems and she has to figure things out as she goes and everything is always changing. Will she survive? Can she uncover all that is hidden? And what is The Ice Star? As the story goes, readers feel they live the action beside Fenna Brongaard – and there is action in every page.

Buy it in English 45762-200 or in Portuguese 45762-200 – available in eBook and paperback.

Translation of BOOK 2: IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOUNTAIN is scheduled to be published during the summer of 2023.