BOOK: “The Baltimore Boys” by Joël Dicker


Joël Dicker has a very personal style as some details of his writings are based on his personal experiences. For example, his childhood summers spent in the Maine, USA, served as inspiration for the setting of some of his books, including his best known novel “The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair”, which was turned into a successfully TV series. In his novel “The Enigma of Room 622” he is the main character of the story and he pays tribute to his editor who had just died. With the death of his mentor, he decided not to have any other editor, and, thus, established his own publishing house: Rosie & Wolfe.


Marcus Goldman is the writer who was the student-turned-friend of Harry Quebert [novel “The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair”]. When “The Baltimore Boys” book starts, Marcus Goldman is already a very successful writer. His first novel was an immediate best-seller and it was based on the friendship he had with his cousins when they were younger. The Harry Quebert Affair is finished and he is now trying to write another book, a few months after his beloved uncle died. In the meantime, he reconnects with his first and true love, from the time he and his cousins were the best of friends. All this brings the past back as well as the questions that were left answered about the fate of his cousins. While readers follow Marcus Goldman on his journey, they also follow a story that shows how appearances can be deceiving, how never-told-words can become misunderstandings, and how basic human emotions can lead to thoughtless and disproportionate actions.


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