NEWS! Archaeological Excavations in Algarve

ACPN was invited to visit the archaeological excavations taking place in Cacela-a-Velha, Algarve, Portugal, between 27 June and 15 July. The aim is to provide experience to university students and discover more about this once important harbour.

With the beach as background, the students are busy continuing the work that was interrupted in 2019 due to COVID. They are digging up a Muslim settlement dated before the conquest of the Iberian Peninsula by the Christians. Cacela was then a major harbour, connecting the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, with a privileged access to the Guadiana River into the hinterland.

Despite the intense heat, spirits are high with the exciting discoveries they are making.

The excavation team is composed of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD students from University of Algarve (Portugal), Simon Fraser University (Canada), University of Coimbra (Portugal), and University of Evora (Portugal). The coordination team is composed by Prof.ª Doutora Maria João Valente, from University of Algarve and specialised in Zooarchaeology, Doutora Cristina Tété Garcia, from the Algarve Regional Directorate of Culture and whose PhD thesis was about Cacela-a-Velha, and Prof. Doutor Hugo Cardoso, from Simon Fraser University and specialised in Biological Anthropology. The City Hall of Vila Real de Santo Antonio, the Republican National Guard, and the Cancela Parish are also in close collaboration with the universities involved.

The archaeological site will be open to the public on 11 July between 9am and 12am. All are welcome.

For more detailed information:

  • (only in Portuguese) “Campanha de Escavações Arqueológicas regressa a Cacela-a-Velha” – MAIS ALGARVE 45762-200
  • (only in Portuguese) “Campanha de escavações arqueológicas regressa a Cacela Velha com “Dia Aberto”” – ALGARVE PRIMEIRO 45762-200


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