BOOK: “Prisoners of Geography” by Tim Marshall


Tim Marshall is a British journalist specialized in foreign affairs. He was in the field during the Balkan wars in 1990’s, the Kosovo’s bombardments in 1999, and the “Arab Spring” in 2010. He also followed on site the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria. Besides reporting throughout Europe, USA, and Asia, he was Middle East Correspondent in Jerusalem and Europe Correspondent in Brussels. After more than 30 years interviewing different people, from those on the ground doing the fight to world leaders making the decisions, he now dedicates himself to writing and doing analysis.


“Prisoners of Geography” is a book about geopolitics. It is written in a very easy-to-read manner, but with all the depth needed to fully understand what really is going on in the world. Many news we hear on television and read on newspapers are explained here with the extension reporters are unable to give you. Why Russia is always looking to expand its territory and influence the neighbouring countries? How is China challenging the USA as a world superpower? How did the USA become a world superpower? Other questions are answered regarding Europe and the geography that shaped its nations, Africa and its difficulties for developing itself economically, the Middle East and its eternal conflicts, India and Pakistan and their constant mutual threats as well as their relationship with Afghanistan, the history of Korea’s division, Japan after the World War II, the geographic reasons why Latin America struggles in the global economy… and the Artic. The readers’ view of the world will definitely change.

Tim Marshall wrote a second book, “The Power of Geography”, detailing some issues regarding some of the regions analysed in the first book plus other regions that were not included like Australia… and the Space.


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