New Year, Renewed Website

The main focus of ACPN_Projects is information, especially in project management. Like Winston Churchill said: «Information rules the world». All human activities are based on information and the more complete and detailed that information is, the more useful it is for decision-making. On the other hand, project is nowadays the best management approach to face society’s challenges. Indeed, changes are constant and management has to be flexible enough to keep up with those changes, but steady enough to have a vision and a plan for the future. Project management fits perfectly in that description. Now, information is paramount to write the proposal for project funding, to monitor the evolution of the project, and to summarise the lessons learned once the project is closed. Please read more about it here.

ACPN_Projects also includes ACPN_Translations, which is mainly focused on academic writing. Translation is still very important in the academic world. Automatic translation software (like Google Translate) can be useful, but it fails to distinguish little differences in terms (that can lead to different meanings in context) and it does not take style under consideration. Started in 2013 as ACPN_Traduções, its translation and editing works have ranged different academic areas. Please read more about it here.

Some information about EU funding is available at the website – please read more about it here. The aim is to introduce the main aspects of the EU funding, particularly about the Horizon Europe and the Erasmus+ programmes. There are also some links to guide you through the official websites. Updates will be made as it seems necessary and some aspects will be discussed via a blog called “ACPN_Journal” – articles will be sent by email to those who subscribe.


Matching EU funding requirements | 17.01.2022

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